Agile kick-starter

12 May, 2021

It is better to start small, learn and then scale 

  • Are you curious about agile but not sure if it is the right fit? 
  • Don’t have the budget to engage in full-time coaching or appetite to engage in large scale Agile transformation? 
  • Have you seen the great ideas from training course fail to be embedded into your daily work?  
  • Confused by scaling frameworks like SAFe and Spotify? 


Then maybe you should try Agile kick-starter? 


Doing Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile fundamentals training only provides the theory and some practice within a classroom environment. However, what happens when you try to embed the learnings from the course into your day-to-day workplace.  

The Agile kick-starter gives organisations, a quick way to trial new ways of working instead of signing up for large-scale transformation on day one. Escient wants to provide support and guidance as you translate the knowledge from that learning space into a more hands-on implementation on real projects. Addressing real issues and problems as you experiment in how to create new ways of working with the organisation.  


The Agile kick-starter will be run by Escient Principal Consultant David CliffordA certified team coach (CTC) with Scrum Alliance and seasoned Agile practitioner. 


What is involved? 

  • Scrum or Kanban Kick-starter package 
  • 12 days, for 1 team (5-9 participants) 
  • Team Assessment – To understand where the team is currently and what areas to focus on. 
  • Team Training – 2 days training for team to provides the foundational skills and knowledge to implement Scrum/Kanban. 
  • 10 days of coaching for the team – Onsite coaching provided by certified Agile coach to support and help embed the new practices. 
  • Recommendation report – Based on observations and interactions with the team, we will compile a report with recommendation and potential next steps.  
  • Alternatively, maybe you feel your teams need a refresher or a health check. The kick-starter program can be re-purposed to explore the impediments that are preventing your teams from being more productive. 

Interested ??? 

Please Email more details or to explore your options