Employee Story – Alexandra Zhong – Change Manager

27 May, 2021

Escient-Alexandra-ZhongEscient Change Management Consultant, Alexandra Zhong, graduated from QUT with a double degree in Marketing & Behavioural Science. Her first role was with a small Brisbane-based consultancy but after a couple of years she was ready to make a switch.

She applied for a role with Escient via the careers page on the website, after a review of the people page piqued her interest.

I love to work with people who come at things from a different perspective. I was impressed by the range of backgrounds – so many disciplines and so much diversity.

Alexandra then went through a two-stage interview process. The first interview was an informal chat, the second interview was more rigorous.

It was an honest two-way conversation. They asked the right questions, hard questions, which I appreciated. And I could tell their answers to my questions were honest and transparent.

At the same time Alexandra joined Escient, several former colleagues joined other firms. But after meeting with Escient, she felt very confident in her decision to join the team.

Creativity & Support Make a Difference

Having now worked in two different consulting firms and spoken with friends at other firms, Alexandra believes there is a significant Escient difference. 

Change management can get a bit formulaic. But I don’t feel constrained at Escient by a long history of doing things a certain way. And the level of support at Escient is higher. I have more autonomy and support to achieve a great result for my clients, rather than be a cog in a big machine,.

Alexandra has also enjoyed the team culture at Escient and believes there is incredible advocacy for fellow employees, saying she  can always reach out for help and say ‘hey, you did this project, what can you tell me?’ and that people are willing to help and share across the company.

Flexibility for Family

But not everything about Alexandra’s transition to Escient has gone to plan. After 12 weeks starting her new role, she discovered she was pregnant with her first child.

It wasn’t planned but it was exciting and frightening at the same time. I was nervous to let Escient know but I’ve had nothing but support and they’re very open to accommodating my needs, more than I expected.

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