How long will this last?

02 April, 2020

How quickly can we transition to new ways of working?

How do we look after our people, our customers and our business at the same time?

What can we do to make our organisation more resilient?

These, and many more, are questions facing all organisations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s also fair to say that all businesses or organisations are not in the same place. Within our own clients, we have those that have been minimally affected and others, such as those in the Higher Education sector that have already experienced significant disruption and impact.

Almost all have had to transition to a largely remote working environment and there has been a flurry of posts and webinars sharing tips on how to be effective as distributed teams. Like many, we’ve been supporting our clients by demonstrating new ways of collaborating when everyone is working remotely.

Right now, we are clearly in crisis management as we transition to these new ways of working but at some point, we will move to a business as usual and then recovery phase.

So how do organisations manage the day to day of the crisis whilst ensuring they are positioned as well as possible for the recovery phase? How do organisations build resilience?

Escient’s Business Resilience and Growth Model

Resilience is defined by one’s ability to bounce back from adversity, however we also think of it as the ability to bounce forward under pressure. But how do we do this at a time when so many are in survival mode, feeling vulnerable and anxious about their personal and job security?

Escient believes the answer to this is leadership. We look to our own organisation’s executive team to lead with strength, speed, agility, humanity and compassion. With our clients, all our consultants continue to work with energy, integrity, positivity and empathy to support their leaders.

We know for sure that one day this crisis will be over. When it is, we will look back on the successes and failures of this time and attribute these to the leadership of the day.

To assist, we’ve developed a program of insights to support you as leaders, in whatever capacity, through this journey.

We’ll be sharing insights and experience through a series of articles, videos and webinars that will enable leaders to quickly arm themselves with the tools and techniques required to navigate this global crisis. Starting with leading through disruption, we’ll then lift our gaze to the challenges all leaders will face as they seek to steady the ship, evolve and improve operations, and prepare to shift to the new normal.

Our aim is to launch the first of these, ‘How do you lead change amidst the biggest change ever?’ next week, through a range of channels. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, from our organisation to yours – stay well, stay safe and stay home.