Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We live in a diverse world and we believe it’s important to recognise, understand, appreciate and celebrate what makes us all different.

These differences could be based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical abilities and many other factors. At Escient we strive to maintain an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported.

Our approach to diversity is to:

  • Attract the very best people who share our values and who are energised and excited by our culture
  • Retain our talent through life-stage changes
  • Encourage our people to be the best version of themselves
  • Celebrate our differences, because they make us stronger
  • Measure what we want to become
Generational Diversity

Each generation brings unique strengths and perspectives to our team:

  • Baby Boomers

    Our Baby Boomers are ambitious, great at relationships and feel empowered by opportunities to mentor new employees and younger staff members.

  • Gen X'ers

    Our Gen X’ers are independent, goal-oriented and entrepreneurial. They love sharing their ideas and feedback, and yearn for professional development. They appreciate a friendly and fun work environment, a variety of challenging work, constant feedback, and state of the art technology.

  • Millennials

    Our Millennials are currently our most tech-savvy employees. They love using the latest technology in the workplace and want to make a difference in the world. They appreciate a workplace that allows them to balance volunteer time, work and play.

Generational Diversity

  • Baby Boomers 12%
  • Gen X 43%
  • Millennials 45%
Gender Diversity

We endeavour to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment for women and men alike. As an equal opportunity meritocracy, we are focused on nurturing talent and creating opportunities for our entire team.

Cultural Diversity

50% of our team were born overseas and 75% have at least one parent born overseas. We are proud of our multiculturalism and believe our diverse cultural perspective gives us better insights that inspire creativity and help drive innovation.

Diversity of Professional Backgrounds

The rich diversity of professional backgrounds in our team allows us to consider problems from multiple perspectives leading to more robust solutions and better outcomes.

Professional Backgrounds

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Astronomy
  • Business & Management
  • Change Management
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Economics & Commerce
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Computer Systems & Mechanical)
  • HR Management
  • Logistics
  • Law
  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Project Management
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
Diversity of Brain Styles

Each of us has a natural approach to problem solving. The SEI Brain Talent Profile provides a view of our preferred style for processing emotional and cognitive data, although most people are a blend of two or three.

High performing teams have a mix of dominant styles.

Our Brain Styles

Scientists usually value accuracy, order, clarity, calm, security, balance, knowledge, practicality.
Visionaries usually value relationships, process, humanity, big ideas, innovation, and wisdom.
Inventors usually value accuracy, creativity, opportunity, innovation, energy, humanity.
A Guardian might act like a caregiver, a lifeguard, a champion-of-the-underdog, a healer, a best friend who is always on your side.
The Strategist knows there is a right answer, and s/he wants to find it. The Strategist wants the world to make sense.
Superheroes take care of others (sometimes sacrificing to do so). They are a source of energy and fun – and sometimes burnout.
The Deliverer might knock over people and/or break rules on the way, but the job gets done.
Sages value wisdom, people, security, harmony, reflection, study, observation.