RAA is South Australia’s automobile club, providing a wide-range of services and insurance to its 750,000 members. As a membership organisation, it’s critical that RAA demonstrates good governance across all of its decisions, which includes making sure money invested in projects is well-managed and delivers benefits back to members.

Escient - RAA Mike WaltersEnsuring the right level of business sponsorship of the portfolio and greater insight to the overall capacity of the organisation to execute change, has improved business wide focus on executing what really matters to our group objectives.

Mike Walters, CIO RAA

How to optimize PMO performance and project delivery?

The challenge RAA brought to Escient was ‘How do we develop and implement an enterprise-wide Project Portfolio Governance framework to improve project governance and outcomes?” Critical issues needing to be addressed by the governance framework included:

  • What is the best way to prioritise projects?
  • How does RAA evaluate the success of a project, not just on completion but importantly, in-flight so refinements can be made?
  • What are the terms of reference in terms of who can make decisions about projects?
  • Where at the boundaries?
  • How does RAA deal with uncertainty?
  • How does RAA facilitate discussion and resolve issues?

A more collaborative approach

Escient was engaged and over a very short period of time developed the PMO governance framework in collaboration with RAA. This was supported by training of RAA’s team on how to practically use the governance framework as a project management tool to guide decisions, including how to resolve the issues that inevitably arise in large-scale projects.

The scope of work included:

  • update the project management methodology to ensure good fit with the PPG framework
  • establish a comprehensive end-to-end investment framework
  • develop a new prioritised framework covering all types of proposals
  • determine the size and impact of the change management activities required to support the changes across the organisation
  • prepare customised training materials and facilitated face to face training sessions with senior managers and other business specialists to ready them for the new framework
  • determine the terms of reference for the new governance bodies and tested out how they would operate and the relationships between them using predefined scenarios

Greater confidence & clarity

Escient successfully delivered and launched the new framework to ensure RAA’s priorities were delivered, resources allocated appropriately, and capacity is not exceeded. RAA now has a practical governance framework to help the organization manage its portfolio of projects with greater confidence, clarity and ultimately, success.

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Insights to share from this engagement

  1. Ensure the PMO, Change and Finance teams are aligned and working together with a shared objective.

  2. Distinguish the difference between ‘doing the right projects’ and ‘doing the projects right’ and use appropriate governance in each instance.

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