Adeeb Idroos

Adeeb Idroos

When the opportunity arose to join Escient, Adeeb Idroos knew it was a good fit. Adeeb shares his story and why he chose Escient.

Tell us about your background

I studied a Bachelor of Science at Staffordshire University (UK), majoring in Software Engineering. I enjoyed studying science, but I wanted a career involving business strategy. So, my next move was to take a Master of Business IT, at RMIT in Melbourne.

Why did you choose a career in consulting?

I was looking for an opportunity to learn, and the learning curve in consulting is a lot sharper than some other jobs. You work across a wide range of clients, in a range of industries, and take on various project roles. And you learn a lot from other consultants.

Why did you choose Escient?

Every company has a nice website with pictures of smiling faces, and as a consultant, you get to see lots of different company cultures. But with Escient, I felt there was a genuine warmth. I knew it would be a good fit for me.

I realised the role would give me exposure to top-tier clients, but with the benefits of working for a smaller company. And what a great opportunity, early in my career, to be part of a growing company and to sharpen my entrepreneurial mindset!

I’ve lived, worked and studied in Australia and overseas, so I had some options when I graduated. But I was really drawn to the excitement of working in Sydney. Escient has a really funky office and it’s in a great location to meet friends after work.

How do you think Escient is different to other companies?

At Escient, there’s a real interest in you as an individual. You’re definitely not “a number”. Everyone has a buddy to support you through onboarding, and you can get mentoring to help your career decisions and pathway.

I feel connected because there’s a diverse workforce in terms of background, age and ethnicity.

The professional development is great. Within my first year I completed one certification and I’m already going for my second. It’s encouraged, and we all grow together.

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