Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson

How did you get into consulting?

I was a fairly late entrant into the world of consulting having held some fantastic positions with great companies earlier in my career. I’ve always loved variety in my work. Consulting provides this and my practical, real-world experience in the project space has seen me managing the delivery of large, complex projects and programs to setting up Project Management Frameworks, PMO setup, uplift and management, Project Assurance and Business Analysis across a wide number of organisations and industries.
What do you like about consulting?

If you like variety, you can’t beat consulting for the constant exposure to new clients and projects and opportunities for learning this implies. It can be incredibly challenging constantly coming up to speed in new environments, meeting and building rapport with new stakeholders and adapting to different tools and ways of working but also immensely rewarding. And there’s the satisfaction of doing work that helps to shape the future – improving things not just for one company but for all of our clients.

Why did you choose Escient?

I was one of the founding consultants in the NSW branch. I have enjoyed the leadership opportunities that have included, helping form the culture, recruit consultants, build client relationships and build our brand. It’s been so rewarding to see us grow from a few consultants to a thriving team with a track record and reputation for excellent delivery.
Over the past five years, I have also been conducting an annual survey of Australian PMOs for Escient. This thought leadership has been an invaluable resource for us in determining the breadth of what we define as a PMO; and for clients in surfacing the challenges PMOs are facing and benchmarking them against others in similar industries.

What makes Escient different from other consulting firms?

Working for a massive company can mean your efforts can get ‘lost’ and you don’t build that connection to a smaller group of fellow consultants. Escient isn’t like that. At Escient you really feel supported by a close-knit team and performance is genuinely recognised and rewarded. This sort of environment attracts top performers and so there’s then also the benefit of working with exceptional people.

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