Our Purpose

Escient was founded in 2016 with the goal of inspiring our people and our clients to think beyond what they see,
and have the courage to act today.

Everything we do – from the relationships we build, to the culture we nurture – is in support of that goal.

Our Values

The most satisfying success is one that is shared, understanding that it requires humility and self-awareness. We recognise that the team is built from a wealth of knowledge and experiences far broader than one person’s alone and will proactively harness this energy to deliver shared success for all.

Our Values

Courage isn’t necessarily the grand gestures or the major acts, it can be the small choices we make every day, taking action because you know it is the right thing to do despite being unsure of the outcome. We consciously choose to be courageous in all we do, unrestrained in our thinking and bold in our actions and work with our clients to inspire the same mindset.

Our Values

We have the freedom to walk the road less travelled, to draw on our curiosity and create ideas that solve complex client problems. To succeed in today’s changing world, we must have the experience and wisdom to unlock solutions not seen before.

Our People

Our people are the company, not simply employees.

We encourage and support our people to dream more, believe in themselves and work together. We know that when they do they achieve amazing outcomes for our clients and the community.

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Next Generation Consulting


Helping you set the right strategic direction and creating the roadmap to get there


Enhancing the delivery of your projects and programs


Guiding you through the journey of growing and changing your organisation


Deciding on the right technical platforms for your business and reviewing investments and security


Tracking the progress of your portfolio and measuring the benefits


Working with you to design better services and experiences for your customers

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