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Our Passion

At Escient we strive to achieve exceptional shared success, through innovation and re-defining partnerships


Partnering with a Difference

By focusing on a small group of strategic clients, we develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses and provide a more meaningful service.  Rather than just being reactionary to client demand for services, we proactively work on ways to help their businesses improve. We effectively act as a think-tank for our clients, putting all our energy into helping them achieve their strategic goals.


Creating Joint Success

We offer innovative & flexible commercial models to align our success with that of our clients, because we believe that if our clients don’t succeed then neither should we. We proactively tailor our engagement approaches to be both lean and effective, ensuring we deliver the greatest value for our clients on every assignment.


Transparency & Trust

Our strategic clients are members of our Client Advisory Board where they build a detailed understanding of all aspects of our business and delivery capability, as well as provide feedback on our business strategy and operations.  Our view is that clients are key stakeholders in our business and the Client Advisory Board is a pivotal mechanism through which we provide transparency, develop trust, and build our client partnerships. We believe that our partnership model takes client accountability to a new level, and ensures our company is always aligned to the success of our clients.


Business and Digital Innovation

Innovation is the reason for our existence, part of our company DNA and in the psyche of all our employees.  Our purpose is to share fresh perspectives on traditional problems and unleash the potential of our clients to position them as leaders in their field.

Serious About People

We recruit outstanding talent and thought leaders, and invest in their future to ensure they continue to perform at their peak. By challenging them in a supportive and collaborative environment, we accelerate their growth and allow them to do their best work for clients. Diversity is something we take very seriously and we believe strongly in the merits of self-expression and creativity. Our people are not simply employees, they are the company. Every staff member has the opportunity to become an owner ensuring that Escient remains an employee-owned company.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career and believe you have the talents to be an Escient employee, please visit our careers page using the button below.

Transforming Business

Through Business and Digital Innovation, we improve, extend and transform our client's businesses.

In particular we specialise in the following areas:

Next Generation Consulting

Our capabilities form the foundation of our services. We continuously grow our capabilities and evolve our services to address the needs of the market. Our services are delivered by pragmatic and innovative thinkers who are experts in their respective fields.

Digital Strategy, Transformation, Mobilisation, Social, Innovation Frameworks

Business Services
Business Transformation, Business Case Development, Process Improvement

Project and Program Management, Change Management, Business Analysis, Agile

Strategy & Architecture
Operational Effectiveness, Strategy Development, Infrastructure Strategy, Enterprise & Solution Architecture 

Analytics & Modelling
Business Intelligence, Financial Modelling, Data Strategy 

Customer Centricity
Customer Experience, User Experience, User Adoption, Omni-channel 

Corporate Woman

The Leadership Team

Escient is founded by a group of highly experienced and committed executives who share a common vision for a next generation Business and Digital Advisory Firm.

Tin Tran
Tin Tran

Managing Director South Australia

Tin is an innovator and strategic thinker who has significant experience across sales, management, consulting and technical delivery. He also has a broad industry background having worked across the health, mining, government, telecommunications, ICT, and Utilities sectors. As a facilitator of change he builds authentic relationships, and has demonstrated creativity and innovation in helping clients solve complex problems to achieve their strategic outcomes.

Stephen Mabbs
Stephen Mabbs

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen created a successful consulting business that after 12 years was acquired by publicly-listed SMS Management & Technology, where he was then Regional Director South Australia for 9 years. During this time, he built the SMS SA business to support up to 30 clients with over 80 employees, in addition to holding a number of national roles. Stephen is passionate about people and building high-performance teams to solve complex problems.

Tom Stianos
Tom Stianos


Tom has 30 years’ experience managing professional services firms and providing strategic advice to corporations and government. He is a nationally recognised and respected board director and advisor, in particular he is recognised for his ability to help build strong culture and customer service ethic. Tom retired as CEO of SMS Management & Technology in 2015 after having grown that business to over 1,500 professionals.

Rebecca Campbell-Burns
Rebecca Campbell-Burns

Managing Director Victoria

Rebecca has over 20 years of industry experience, managing professional services and delivering successful projects across a variety of sectors. Having built companies from scratch both in Australia and the UK, she is strongly collaborative by nature and is known for her ability to see the big picture. She is committed to the development of the digital and technology industry across the board and strongly believes in providing an inclusive and diverse workplace for the digitally-enabled workforce of the future.

Alan McIvor
Alan McIvor

Managing Director New South Wales

Alan has over 15 years of international experience across IT and professional services specialising in project delivery and business development. Known for his focus on building and leading high performing teams, his passion is to help clients solve organisational issues with an emphasis on people and relationships. He is committed to ensuring Escient NSW is renowned in the market for high quality delivery, a focus on client success and is an employer of choice.

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