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Leadership & Change

Guide your organisation towards a confident, purpose-driven tomorrow. We help. 

We understand that the rapid pace of change introduces new challenges and complexities. Are your leaders resilient enough to navigate and thrive in these uncertain times? Build a strong culture that benefits your people, your customers and your organisation.


How we help

    Leadership alignment

    Rally your leaders and align their efforts towards shared goals, driving better results for all.

    Harness a unified leadership approach to strengthen and integrate your strategies, enhancing overall performance.

    Executive coaching 

    Empower your leaders to lead with greater clarity and effectiveness.

    Foster a culture of continuous learning to enhance team performance. Unlock potential and inspire transformative leadership, preparing your leaders not just to adapt, but to innovate.

    Employee engagement

    Equip your organisation to attract and retain the talent you need. 

    Align individual ambitions with organisational goals, creating a motivated, committed workforce. Enhance employee satisfaction and retention to drive superior performance, directly contributing to the success of your organisation.

    Organisation design

    Define the foundations for strong leadership and a positive culture.

    Design your organisation for agility, resilience, and scalability, to navigate current challenges and seize future opportunities. Position your organisation for success today and into the future.

    Capability uplift

    Prepare for tomorrow by buidling the organisational maturity to shape your future.

    Capability uplift extends beyond mere skills training. Identify and invest in critical capabilities, foster a culture of continuous learning, and equip your organisation with the agility and expertise needed to excel in an ever-changing environment.  

    Managing change

    Support your people to not just cope with change, but to thrive in it.

    Navigate transitions, minimise disruption, and build a change-ready culture equipped for the challenges ahead. Implement adaptive strategies and provide ongoing support to help your organisation view change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

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    “The Escient team are highly skilled and have provided the guidance and practical tools to help us deal with a complex and ever-changing environment.”

    Grant Pearson, General Manager, Baptist Care SA
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