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Technology Strategy & Enablement

In today’s digital age, technology is the foundation for growth and innovation. Are you fully leveraging technology to not only meet but accelerate your strategic vision? We help.  

We equip you with the expertise to develop a clear technology roadmap, optimise operations, and build a future-proof infrastructure that empowers your organisation to thrive. 


How we help

    Target operating model 

    Optimise operations, enhance agility, and capitalise on growth opportunities with a clear Target Operating Model (TOM) roadmap.

    Streamline your operations and align your business practices with industry standards to ensure sustainable growth 

    Cyber resilience 

    Prepare your organisation for known and unknown threats with robust cyber risk management. 

    Effective cyber resilience protects your critical assets, reduces risks, and builds trust with stakeholders, thereby enhancing your corporate reputation.

    Solution design & delivery 

    Leverage first-hand customer insights to design, prototype, test and deliver exceptional customer experience.

    We guide you through each step, ensuring your technological deployments meet current needs and are scalable for future demands.

    Systems integration 

    Streamline operations and drive efficiencies through better aligned and integrated systems. 

    Enhance productivity and enable more informed decision-making by facilitating seamless communication across platforms.

    Technology architecture roadmap 

    Gain the clarity needed to evolve your systems and processes to meet your strategic goals. 

    Create a blueprint to guide your technology investments, ensuring they contribute effectively to your strategic objectives. 

    Architecture governance review 

    Create the organisational rule book to ensure that structures, processes, and decisions are aligned with your overarching goals.

    Establish a governance framework that promotes efficiency and ensures compliance and consistency across all technological initiatives.

    Managing change 

    Support your people to not just cope with change, but to thrive in it.

    Navigate transitions, minimise disruption, and foster a change-ready culture that is equipped for the future. Develop strategies that enhance adaptability and resilience, ensuring your organisation remains competitive and responsive in a dynamic market environment.

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    “Escient were there for us when we needed really tailored support to guide and advise us with critical strategic and systems advice. Their input was informed and sensitive to our resource capacity.”

    Warwick Cavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, Bayley House
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