What we do

Customer Experience

Turn your customer experiences into a strategic advantage for your organisation.​ We help.  

With customer choice and expectations at an all-time high, what actions are you taking to create impactful experiences? Equip your organisation with the tools and expertise needed to design meaningful interactions, optimise outcomes, and cultivate a loyal customer base that fuels your success. Use customer experience as your ultimate differentiator.

How we help

    Experience design 

    Create meaningful and satisfying customer experiences.

    Foster innovation to drive differentiated interactions and relationships. Turn customers into advocates and enhance your market presence.  

    Design thinking 

    Equip your teams with the tools to enhance customer experience through thoughtfully designed products and services.​ 

    Instil a customer-first mindset that leads to solutions which are not only effective but also deeply relevant and appealing to your audience.

    Customer journey mapping 

    Walk in your customers’ shoes to gain essential insights and improve their experience.

    Optimise their journey and accelerate meaningful outcomes that truly matter. With deep understanding, actively create targeted enhancements that significantly boost satisfaction and retention.  

    Solution design & delivery 

    Leverage first-hand customer insight to design, prototype, test and build outstanding customer experiences. 

    We’ll guide you through each step of the process. Our hands-on approach guarantees that solutions are not only practical but also perfectly aligned with customer expectations

    Employee experience

    Empower your workforce. Cultivate an engaging employee experience that fosters a culture of success. 

    A motivated and well-supported team is essential – their enthusiasm directly improves customer interactions and satisfaction.

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    “Escient were there for us when we needed really tailored support to guide and advise us with critical strategic and systems advice. Their input was informed and sensitive to our resource capacity.”

    Warwick Cavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, Bayley House
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