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ACH Group is an aged care provider with residential care homes across Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula. They truly understand the importance of delivering a consistent, quality experience throughout all of their sites.

The challenge

Although ACH Group had a well-established ‘Voice of the Customer’ program to capture feedback, they wanted to more deeply understand what mattered most to their customers and use the knowledge  to  deliver  a  consistent,  quality  experience  for residents and  their  loved ones, now and in the future.


    The team tailored a pragmatic 3-stage human-centred approach that built upon existing work and ensured customers remained central to the project. We evaluated existing customer research, interviewed staff to gauge internal perspectives and articulated the current customer journey.


    The insights gathered in discovery were used to create ‘customer challenge statements’ that drove ideation, generating over 300 ideas. These ideas were quantified and qualified, grading them against feasibility and customer impact.


    Finally, the team spoke to residents and members of their families to validate the ideas to be sure ACH Group delivered solutions that mattered to them the most.

    The outcome

    Escient designed a holistic, future-state customer experience that impacted on every step of the customer journey.

    10 key moments we identified, from the initial site tour through to the food and dining experience. Each moment contained a set of practical, actionable initiatives designed to delight customers now and be of high value into the future.

    The key moments, delivered as work packages, enable ACH Group to guide future IT architecture to support this future customer experience and action the solutions for implementation.

    At a glance

    • 12 staff interviews
    • 30 customer interviews
    • 5 ideation workshops
    • 300 ideas generated

    This is  the  second  time  we  have  worked  with  Escient  and  we  hope  to  work  with  them again. The team  members  were  committed  to  understanding  our  business  and  delivering actionable insights, which will lift our Customer Experience for years to come.

    Teresa Yeing, Head of CX, ACH Group
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