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Strategy & Planning

Chart a clear course with purpose. Engage your team, overcome challenges, and succeed in an ever-changing world. We help.

In an ever-evolving landscape, how will you navigate through the challenges and seize opportunities?

Develop a strategy that unites your team around common goals, inspires decisive action, and builds a future rich in sustainable value.

Don’t let opportunities slip away. Partner with us to harness the power of strategic foresight and purpose-driven planning. Thrive in a changing world.

How we help

    Strategy development & alignment

    Craft a clear and purposeful roadmap to achieve your organisational goals.

    Unlock diverse perspectives to ensure that your strategy is not only comprehensive but also achievable. Foster ownership and engagement at all levels with a well-aligned strategy, driving your organisation towards successful execution.

    Business case development

    Quantify your impact, align stakeholders, secure buy-in and drive projects forward with confidence. 

    A robust business case does more than present numbers—it paints a clear vision of the future, strategically addresses risks, and communicates value to all stakeholders. Build the shared understanding that is crucial for transforming strategies into tangible results.

    Organisational governance

    Build the frameworks, processes and structures that foster effective leadership and sustainable growth.

    Strong governance is the foundation of every successful organisation, enabling agility in decision-making and resilience in the face of change. Focus on setting the right priorities, ensuring compliance, and creating a transparent environment where accountability drives continuous improvement.

    ePMO & PMO establishment

    Enhance decision-making and resource management by streamlining project operations.

    Leverage technology and standardised methodologies to boost project visibility, improve communications, and strengthen risk management. These efforts collectively drive project success, ensuring each initiative aligns with your strategic goals.

    Target operating model

    Optimise operations, enhance agility, and capitalise on growth opportunities with a clear Target Operating Model (TOM) roadmap.

    Craft a well-defined TOM that aligns your operating model with your strategic goals. Identify improvement areas and streamline processes to boost efficiency. This adaptability positions you to seize emerging opportunities and navigate disruptions with confidence.

    Capability uplift

    Prepare for tomorrow by building the organisational maturity to shape your future.

    Capability uplift goes beyond simply skills training. Identify and invest in the critical capabilities required for your future state. Foster a culture of continuous learning to equip your organisation with the agility and expertise necessary to thrive in an ever-changing environment.  

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    “Escient fits brilliantly with our culture. Their expertise has added significant value and been vitally important to the success of our projects.”

    Ron Hooton, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Australia
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