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Man and woman having a coffee holding hands for support

Estia Health is one of Australia’s larger aged care operators, with 69 homes located across SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. They care for over 8,000 residents every year and support them and their family at an incredibly important time in their lives.

Man and woman having a coffee holding hands for support

The challenge

People are at the heart of Estia Health and the commitment and dedication of Estia staff are well recognised by the organisation.

Estia is well versed in the challenges faced by the Residential Aged Care Facilities, and the impact on their people, their retention and the attraction of new staff.  

They also want to be the employer of choice within the Aged Care Sector.

To this end, Estia engaged Escient to undertake a review of three key aged care home management roles to make recommendations for enhanced job design and employee experience. Key to the review was an assessment of role effectiveness, job satisfaction and psychosocial safety.

The approach


    Our team took an inside out, then outside in approach to build a holistic picture and understanding of the roles under review, the challenges facing them and the opportunities to mitigate or remove the challenges.

    We looked at the roles from the perspective of the people performing them and then from the perspective of people in key Central Services functions.  Through one-on-one interviews with people in the roles under review we found six key pain points that unified them in their work experience and if addressed, would improve the employee experience, retention and attraction. 



    Our team completed a detailed analysis of stakeholder interviews, identifying consistent themes and improvement opportunities, looking beyond the symptoms of the pain points to provide insights and 37 recommendations, providing Estia with an effective plan to consider for real on the job improvement for staff in their residential aged care home management roles.


    Our team validated their findings through a series of observational studies, targeted surveys and reviews with other key stakeholders. They also completed a desk top Psychosocial Assessment of the psychosocial hazards, based on interview and supporting data to provide a basis for prioritising implementation of the recommendations.

    The outcome

    The review provided Estia with a suite of detailed recommendations mapped to the six pain point areas, along with a supporting implementation roadmap that incorporated relevant planned or in progress initiatives. 

    The results of the review reframed Estia’s perspective on what was needed to enhance the working experience of the staff  and gave them a clear plan of action to move forward. 

    “Escient really took the time to understand our sector, our business and our people. They were professional, personable and balanced in their approach when dealing with a variety of stakeholders across the business. They kept me well informed throughout the project with regular updates and check in’s along the way.

    The recommendations made by Escient were presented in a way that was simple to understand and implement which, given the complexity of the issues at hand, was extremely valuable for us to prioritise and action them. I am pleased to say that based on their recommendations we have already made some significant changes and improvements to support these key roles have a more manageable scope. ”

    Claire Winter, Head of Business Partnering

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