More than a partnership – Black Dog Institute & Escient working together for positive mental health

Published on
01 August 2022

Partnerships are important for all organisations to extend and amplify their impact.  The best partnerships are built on mutual respect and understanding and our partnership with the Black Dog Institute (BDI) has all these hallmarks.

BDIs commitment to mental health in our community via research and services is making a difference every day.  When asked about a social cause we could all get behind, our team overwhelmingly wanted to support BDI in their mission of enabling mentally healthier lives through innovations in science, medicine, education, public policy and knowledge translation.

“The Not-For-Profit, or as we prefer to describe it, the For Purpose sector has always been an incredibly important sector for Escient, and that’s because it aligns with our corporate values, and also our individual values.”

Rebecca Campbell-Burns, Managing Director Victoria

To date we have helped BDI establish an approach to program governance, ensuring they derive the maximum value from key technology investments, and helped raise much needed funds for important research.

CEO, Stephen Mabbs believes “The value of any organisation can be measured by how much it improves people’s lives, and the value of any partnership can be measured the same way.”

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