Christian Gaszner

Christian Gaszner

Christian Gaszner tells us why Escient was his choice of consulting firm.

How did you get into consulting?

My background is as a recruitment consultant at the C-suite level. Initially I found that space intimidating, but when I realised I could trust my instincts, I started to gain confidence in consulting. With experience I found that the skills began to fall into place.

What do you like about consulting?

I naturally enjoy solving problems and working as part of a team. Consultants are very capable people with unique and interesting perspectives, and there’s a plethora of things you can learn from them.

Why did you choose Escient?

Escient fitted really well with what I was looking for in an employer. They were an emerging start-up business that seemed to be getting established. They were continuing to grow, and they had leadership with a wealth of real-world experience behind them. This all combined to paint a picture of a contemporary, exciting business, that would provide me room to grow while expanding my skills and knowledge.

What makes Escient different from other consulting firms?

Escient feels different. You can tell that it’s a business full of enthusiastic people, driven by a common desire to succeed.  The fact that I now hold equity in the business with the ability to purchase further shares across the course of my career is something that many people can only dream of.

Being such a new organisation, free from any engrained “traditional” ways of working means that things can happen without having to jump through ridiculous hoops and you have a real chance of having your suggestions taken up and being acknowledged for them.

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