David Biar

David Biar

Filling the gap between a problem and a solution.

Bachelor of Health & Medical Science (Majoring in Clinical Trials)

Tell us about yourself

I am South Sudanese but was born in Kenya and came to Australia as a refugee with my parents when I was 5 years old. I enjoy learning new skills and live by the motto that every professional in their respected fields began knowing nothing about what they are so good at, so there is nothing stopping me from achieving the same if not better.

Why did you choose Escient

I really like the flexibility to work on different projects across a range of industries. I’ve been fortunate to work with clients who are both local and interstate. This type of exposure, and connecting with so many different people, has extended my network across Australia and globally.

The amount of knowledge and learning I’ve gained from everyone I’ve worked with as a consultant is far more valuable to me, than any certification I’ve completed in all my professional years.

The opportunities consulting gives me are endless. I haven’t looked back.

Why did you choose Escient?

Escient felt genuine about its culture and values. It was obvious that they understood that for your employees to take care of your business, you need to take care of your employees. Thus, they support the development, professional growth, and success of all their employees.

Escient considers the realities of our new world post-Covid and strives to find the best ways to optimise work efficiency without compromising the balance of life. At Escient I knew I’d be surrounded by so many talented consultants which would push me to improve and become the best professional I can be.

When somebody asks me ‘What does a consultant do’? I say that we fill the gap between a problem and a solution. At Escient you never feel like the solution to a problem is too far away, because you are always supported, and everyone is willing to help.

What did you like about the Graduate recruitment process?

Escient took into consideration a lot more than just academic results and experience. Their focus was on academic diversity and contribution of diverse thinking.

The recruitment process was professional, challenging and engaging. The unique style and approach of having to present a case study was refreshing, I could feel the strong sense of culture from the first day.

Briefly list what industries/companies and projects you have worked on to date?

I have been lucky to have been exposed to several different industries and the solution development in addition to receiving some submission exposure. I love it when we can really make a difference and assist our clients meet their purpose. Clients have included Baptist Care, SA Water and MyPlanManager.

What has been the biggest learning curve for you so far?

My business vocabulary has expanded immensely. The biggest learning curve for me has been the terminology, coming from a science background a lot of the concepts used were foreign but with the help of fellow Escient employees I was able to get my head around them very quickly.

How has the graduate program supported your transition into consulting?

The graduate program has ensured that I haven’t felt alone in this transition, it’s allowed me to gather great skills of approaching difficult problems and gain knowledge from experienced consultants in many different disciplines.

How have Escient consultants enabled your learning on engagements?

The Escient consultants have really provided me the opportunity to grow. They have challenged me in my knowledge of things, asking me questions and have given me opportunities to lead certain aspects of projects which has instilled confidence in myself and my ability

What has been your biggest achievement so far in the Graduate Program?

My biggest achievement so far has been being able to work with new clients for Escient and on new projects which Escient do not traditionally take onboard. This makes me feel like I’m contributing to a potentially new avenue for the organisation.

What are you looking forward to developing over the coming months/years?

My ability to problem-solve, communicate more effectively with clients and building my foundation as a good Business Analyst

What’s the culture like in the Adelaide office?

I work in the Adelaide office. The culture is great, it feels like a big family where everyone is willing to help in any way. We all personally want to succeed, and we all want Escient to grow and have continued success in the Australian market.

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