David Pink

David Pink

David is an experienced consultant with our Brisbane office. We caught up with David to find out more about his story.

Tell us about yourself

I studied a double degree in Commerce and Arts at Deakin University, with a focus on economics and South East Asia studies. As part of my degree, I learned to speak Indonesian. At the time, Australia was exploring its place in the Asia Pacific region and I though about a career in diplomacy or trade. But then I landed a position in a graduate program with the Swedish manufacturer, Ericsson.

Why did you choose a career in consulting?

I never planned a career in consulting, but an opportunity came up, and I was curious. I initially thought consulting was just for extroverts! But I’ve learned that a good consultant needs to listen, absorb and not pass judgement. In doing so, you build trust and credibility; then you can challenge the status quo and deliver outcomes. Despite my initial reservations, I discovered consulting suits me, and it’s been my career for the past 18 years.

What makes Escient different from other consulting firms?

Escient is for profit, but not at the expense of its people, which means you’re not treated like a commodity. I feel respected and valued as an individual.

The company values courageousness, selflessness and creativity. These are seen in our behaviour, how we engage with clients, and how we see ourselves in the market. We hear it from our CEO, Steve Mabbs, and we see these values practiced across the company every day.

What’s the culture like in Escient’s office in Brisbane?

Reputation counts for everything. Whenever I’m on site with clients, I feel a warm welcome and I know my contribution is appreciated. Escient has a trusted and respected name in Brisbane and that reflects well on my personal brand.

The Escient team is very supportive and we enjoy each other’s company both professionally and socially. I think our inclusive culture is influenced by the local leadership of Stephen Kovacs. Work here is certainly more than a pay cheque.

When you work at Escient, you don’t just make colleagues, you make friends.

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