Gehani Seneviratne

Gehani Seneviratne

Gehani Seneviratne is a consultant with Escient’s Melbourne team. Here she tells her story and why she chose Escient to advance her consulting career.

Why did you choose a career in consulting?

I studied chemical engineering for my undergraduate degree, and then I did a Master in Engineering Project Management. Engineering gave me a great foundation – it’s very logical, analytical and detail-oriented.

At first, I applied for roles in chemical engineering, but after speaking to a friend working in consulting, the opportunity to work with a variety of people, projects and industries really appealed to me. So, I got into a grad program, and honestly it’s been the right move for me.

Why did you choose Escient?

I spoke with people in my network who worked at Escient, and they only had good things to say, which I think is worth a lot. All companies say they value their people, but Escient had a track record of putting their people first.

Throughout the interview process, Escient showed a lot of interest in me as a person, asking what I’ve done and what type of work I’m interested in. I found out they work with not-for-profit organizations, which is a goal of mine. Doing work that helps people and makes a difference is a big motivator for me.

I was also inspired by the number of women in leadership roles at Escient. In Melbourne, there is a higher ratio of senior women to men, which has not been my usual experience, and I wanted the opportunity to learn from these women.

How is Escient different to other places you’ve worked?

Escient is still relatively small, but they have a tangible track record. I saw an opportunity to join, make a contribution, and grow with the business.

I find Escient to be refreshingly honest. They are transparent about how the company is performing, and everyone has a chance to be as involved as they want.

Escient has a strong support network and a great culture of collaboration. In my first week at work, consultants took time out of their engagements to provide help and advice on my project. It’s not hard to get to know people, and they genuinely want to help you.

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