Jonty Morrison

Jonty Morrison

Step up and be brave

Degree – Bachelor of Business (Finance) & Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Tell us about yourself – passions, interests…

I have always thought of myself as someone who is driven by a passion to discover and understand new ideas – I grew up with family encouraging me to make sure I ‘learned one new thing each day.’ I take great pride and feel fortunate to be able to turn that passion into motivation for further university study and a career in solving problems with new ideas. This passion to discover drives most of my hobbies too, so I love to lose myself in good books and new adventures that broaden my horizons.

Why did you choose Escient?

I chose Escient because there was a clear difference in the way they were treating their people, and their willingness to respect and value my input as a graduate. In my first two interviews, I was told in very clear terms that my ideas would never be discounted just because of my level of experience. The company greatly values the courage to speak up and the creativity of different ideas, placing importance on giving its people the confidence they need to flourish within the business – regardless of where you sit on the scale of a graduate to a director!

What did you like about the Graduate recruitment process?

When I was facing down my last year of study and endless graduate applications, the entire process with Escient stood out in making me feel comfortable and welcome, regardless of what the potential outcome would be. Every conversation was genuine, warm, and open.

What industries/companies and projects you have worked on to date?

I have worked within the financial services industry in my graduate program to date, most recently as a part of a superfund’s Project Management Office. I am looking forward to continuing growing my experience within this sector in my next engagement, in which I will be working on a project for delivery of a modern workplace and providing business analysis on a range of other projects within a Queensland bank

What has been the biggest learning curve for you so far?

Learning how to manage myself! There are so many new things – both with clients and internally – that you can dive into as a consultant with Escient, and I have found the most difficulty in understanding my own limits even though I really want to try my hand at it all. In a short span of time, I have had to mature my ability to be critical and understand how to prioritize my workload based on client needs and the actual value I am offering

How has the graduate program supported your transition into consulting?

The graduate program at Escient offers you the chance to step into the shoes of a fully-fledged Consultant and complete real work, while removing the commercial pressure in your graduate year. You are given the freedom to work within engagements that align with the practice areas you are most interested in and have the support of the entire team across Australia in offering you their invaluable experience and learnings to ensure you succeed.

How have Escient consultants enabled your learning on engagements?

The other Escient consultants have provided more than I could have asked for in terms of both personal support and their willingness to share what experience and knowledge they have gained over their careers. From the Graduate program leads offering their insights on managing our workloads and early engagements, all the way up to directors who have happily shared tools and tricks that have helped them be successful in their own careers.

What has been your biggest achievement so far in the Graduate Program?

My biggest achievement has been supporting the management of integrating an acquired business into a client. During a critical planning phase for the integration, I had to step up to take a higher-level role in directing the different project leads to ensure they were challenging their scope and reporting consistently back to their stakeholders. I took pride in learning early on that a client engagement may not be what you expect from day 1, but also that I was able to adapt and take on responsibilities that ensured the whole team was meeting their targets while a new manager was identified.

What are you looking forward to developing over the coming months/years?

I am looking forward to developing deeper analysis skills in my upcoming engagements, with a particular focus on business strategy and data analysis. Escient offers the opportunity to seek out work that aligns with this goal through other consultants who are already on these kinds of engagements, and as a part of internal initiatives or communities that have a focus on developing specific skillsets or capabilities.

What’s the culture like in the Brisbane office?

I love being a part of the Queensland office, and it certainly feels like more than just a job when I am spending time with my colleagues here. From day 1, our regional director Stephen Kovacs was supportive, open, and welcoming, and the entire team under him are always looking for an opportunity to help one another and connect.

What do you think makes a good Escient Graduate?

A willingness to step up and be brave – Escient is passionate about hearing the voice of all its employees and using the team’s diverse skills and knowledge, so I think that it is important that graduates feel courageous and empowered to offer their input. Escient provides the support and gives you the space to make mistakes as a graduate but engages you on real work and is genuine in their goal of allowing you to contribute directly to the business, irrespective of the graduate role title.

Why did you take a chance on Escient’s first year graduate program?

I felt strongly aligned with Escient’s values and greatly encouraged by the passion of the different employees who I met with as a part of the application process. I recognised the risk in going through a company’s first attempt at a graduate program but Joining Escient is about more than just being a graduate – it’s the start to a successful consulting career surrounded by professionals who genuinely have your best interests and personal development in mind.

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