Josephine Joyce

Josephine Joyce

Josephine Joyce joined Escient in December 2020. From the outset, Josephine was clear about what she wanted from her next career move.

Why did you become a consultant?

I chose consulting because I thrive in a fast-paced world of deadlines, where I can collaborate with people to get things done. It’s an ideal role for me. And I like meeting people and learning how different companies operate.

What does a Change Manager do at Escient?

Being a Change Manager is a complex role. It needs curiosity about human behaviour and also knowledge of business and culture. You have to have a strong understanding of project management.

I think the role of Change Manager has really opened up in the last few years, with the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects. Working as Change Manager lets me apply my skills in many different areas. And I know I’m supported by the whole Escient team, which is great.

What’s different about Escient?

Working as a contractor can be a solo career – I knew for my next role I wanted to be with a supportive employer, at the kind of company that cares about me as a person.

I had a few other interviews before I joined Escient. My interviews with Escient were the most authentic: I felt there was a genuine interest in who am I, and what motivates me.

I was the least anxious I’ve ever been at a job interview – it was a two-way conversation and it was focused on far more than just my skills and abilities.

I was also attracted to the diversity of backgrounds in the Escient team. I think this reflects the style of working at Escient, by not taking a cookie-cutter approach. People here really do try to live the values of being courageous, selfless and creative.

I think Escient is particular about the work they do. They make sure it aligns with their values, and that really appealed to me. Escient wants to partner with its clients, to build their capability. They don’t just chase work for the sake of it.

Never before have I had the kind of check-ins that I get today from the Escient team. They call and ask, “How are you doing?” You can tell that they genuinely care: this is not a ‘tick the box’ company.

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