Tasha Veall

Tasha Veall

Tasha Veall tells us how she made the leap into consulting. Since joining Escient, she hasn’t looked back.

How did you get into consulting?

I spent fourteen years working for the same government organisation. When a friend suggested that I take the leap into consulting, I felt nervous at the thought of leaving my safe work environment. But I knew I had to do it.

I was eager to be creative, discover new ways of working, and open my mind to learning new things. I wanted to push myself by feeling uncomfortable, and to strengthen my abilities. I wanted personal growth – and to make a difference.

What do you like about consulting?

I really like the flexibility to work on different projects across a range of industries. I’ve been fortunate to work with clients who are both local and interstate. This type of exposure, and connecting with so many different people, has extended my network across Australia and globally.

The amount of knowledge and learning I’ve gained from everyone I’ve worked with as a consultant is far more valuable to me, than any certification I’ve completed in all my professional years.

The opportunities consulting gives me are endless. I haven’t looked back.

Why did you choose Escient?

It was essential to me that my next employer was committed to their values, and that they cared for their staff. I wanted to join a company that was growing and had opportunities: but I also was looking for transparency, honesty and self-awareness.

I was familiar with Escient’s reputation in Brisbane, so I researched the company. I learnt very quickly this isn’t just another consulting company.

I found a team who roll up their sleeves and are adventurous, but they also do the little things that matter. It was a dream of mine to work with a firm that has these values and attitudes. It’s a refreshing feeling to be a part of Escient – they have become my work family.

What makes Escient different from other consulting firms?

In one word – “culture.” There’s nothing better than working in a company with a great culture. Escient has such a positive work outlook and this reflects in how we interact with each other. It’s reflected in the enthusiasm we have for how the company performs, and the vision we share for its future.

We are a diverse team of people who accept one another. We can be our authentic selves.

Escient is supportive in all areas of professional development, recognition, diversity, and more. There is so much I could say positively about how Escient is different: how long is a piece of string? Maybe people will have to apply to find out.

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