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The Department of Transport (DoT) is a major government department formed by bringing together three major transport sector organisations, Vic Roads, Public Transport Victoria and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Regions.

DoT is responsible for the planning and operation of transport aligned to the people and products travelling upon it, with a focus on the destination, rather than which mode of transport is used.

The challenge

The Road Safety Partnership, which includes DoT, Department of Health & Human Service, Department of Justice & Community Safety, Victoria Police and the Transport Accident Commission, had recently delivered the Victoria Road Safety Strategy. The strategy aims to halve fatalities and reduce serious injuries by 2030 and create a pathway towards a target of zero road deaths by 2050. 
The challenge DoT had, was how do they simplify the reporting structures across multiple departments and agencies to govern, track and report on the initiatives contained in the new Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030.  

The approach


    The initiatives within the strategy will be delivered by all partnership agencies. Each agency has established reporting and governance structures, however, Road Safety Victoria (RSV) would be required to provide a new, single reporting function back to the partnership and government. A single, simplified, efficient and transparent reporting structure that met the needs of each agency was identified as a vital aspect of the successful implementation of the Road Safety Partnership’s initiatives.  


    Escient’s task was to help establish a central reporting hub to enable RSV to manage the activities, measure the outcomes and establish reporting and governance frameworks and processes.  
    Over a 3-month period, Escient worked closely with over 50 stakeholders to understand the reporting requirements and governance structures as well as each member’s current systems as they related to road safety initiatives. A thorough understanding of each of the stakeholder’s needs was crucial to enable Escient help DoT to co-design a fit-for-purpose unit that would become known as the RSV Reporting Hub.  


    Escient developed templates, high level processes, and supported stakeholders throughout the two initial reporting cycles before performing a handover to an internal team.  

    A collaborative process to effectively manage complex change and assist the Road Safety Partnership deliver a strategy that will positively impact the life of every transport user throughout Victoria.

    The outcome

    The outcome was a fit for purpose management office and reporting regime to track and monitor the implementation of the road safety strategy. 

    Escient did a fantastic job with the Reporting Hub establishment. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the leadership group shows that co-design can actually work.

    Executive Director, Road Safety Victoria.
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