Maitri Rajput shares her thoughts on career opportunities at Escient and her acceptance into its 2023 Graduate program.

Published on
26 January 2023
Maitri Rajput
Maitri Rajput
Graduate Consultant
Maitri Rajput joins Escient’s Graduate program in 2023.

As with many people articles there is a backstory and moments of serendipity which sends them down the path of success. I know some people will disagree, suggesting success comes from strategy and hard work. I am not suggesting it’s not – just sometimes, there is some fairy dust. This is Maitri’s story.

I joined Escient in June 2021. I thought the organisation was a good fit for me – the role in Business Services was an admin role and there was potentially a pathway into a BA role in a company that was doing what I wanted to do. My thoughts were confirmed, it was a good fit for me, the people, friendships, flexibility and how they supported each other was encouraging. I was able to work part-time and complete my master’s degree effectively.

I grew up in Western India. I was raised by my maternal Grandmother who is the major contributor to my personal values. My parents were also big influencers and raised me to be a strong and out-spoken person.

After completing high school, I migrated to Australia for my tertiary education with hope and the motivation to develop a solid professional career. Due to my interest in technology and the way it’s transforming human lives, I was beyond excited to have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, from Victoria University, Sydney. However, there was still a desire to find a role that integrated business and technology. So, I enrolled for my Master’s degree at Torrens University Australia in Business Information Systems, Adelaide.

“A career in Technology is right for me as I could see the benefits for making our lives simpler and easier. My family ran small businesses, so I had a good grounding in business values & IT.”

Moving to Adelaide was a tough call as I knew no-one! Sydney had been chaotic, and Adelaide was so different. I was also the youngest employee at Escient. I had to adapt – but I trusted myself and the journey that had pushed me so far.

After I joined Escient they started a new graduate program, an opportunity that wasn’t available when I started. As I approached the end of my Master’s degree, I started looking for graduate role opportunities. Escient’s program was an option but was about to close its applications. I was highly interested in continuing to work for my current employer, so I shared this thought with my manager Kristy Jackson. She was so supportive and understanding that I felt totally confident with my decision to apply for the program. An initial interview with the P&C team determined I was a good cultural fit for the program. Everyone involved in the program was really supportive even though I was overseas at the time of my interviews. Everything went really smoothly.

I am thrilled to be part of the Escient’s Graduate Consultant 2023 intake and progress my career with them. Excellent, creative, courageous yet empathetic people are essential to me and knowing they are there to reach out to and create a safe environment for me, is comforting.

What do I want from this opportunity? I want to strive in bringing positive and impactful change within organisations.

“Learning and Experience is really important in my life – as essential as encouragement and teamwork which I think I have found it here.”

Maitri Rajput, Graduate
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