Neeraja Mohan

Neeraja Mohan


Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology, Neuroscience)

Tell us about yourself – passions, interests…

I have a big love for film and TV and can usually find me at the cinema at least once a week. Love food, so I usually save some time on the weekend to either go out with some friends to try what’s new or cooking something I’ve never made before.

Why did you choose Escient?

Something about Escient’s job ad offer really spoke to me, especially their involvement in social enterprise and shaping the future. I struggled to take what I wanted to see in the world away from the individual level to the societal level and I felt Escient’s core values really spoke to this idea.

What did you like about the Graduate recruitment process?

I liked that the recruitment process was fast and had a lot of human interaction. I had done some psychometric tests for other companies, and I never felt they could capture the nuances of my thinking, I had the opportunity, away from a screen, to show my best self.

Briefly list what industries/companies and project you have worked on to date?

Coming from a health background, my first project was with Albury Wodonga Health in the data management space to help them meet their eHealth goals. There are also many internal projects that you can choose to work on that can align with your own goals.

What has been the biggest learning curve for you so far?

There is a lot to be learnt in a consulting field. However, coming from a health background, the language used in and around a business was something I wasn’t familiar with. However, everyone at Escient is very helpful and within my first week, a dictionary had been created for the those that didn’t have a business background.

How has the graduate program supported your transition into consulting?

It fosters learning in a space where it’s okay to be unsure and fail. Everyone is there to support you, whether it’s a career or personal transition, you’ll never be alone.

What has been your biggest achievement so far in the Graduate Program?

I came into the grad program, unclear on what I wanted in my career. However, the graduate program has allowed me to explore a variety of different fields and the biggest achievement I’ve found is clarity. I know that Escient will provide me the skills and the knowledge base to pursue something different later. But for now, I can see clearly what my next few years will look like.

What’s the culture like in your respective Escient Office?

There is a high priority to make everyone feel very comfortable in the office. Social activities are always on the horizon and everyone is ready to have a chat whether it be about work or externally. Work life balance is important at Escient and as someone just getting started in an office, that was important to me.

What do you think makes a good Escient graduate?

The ability to trust yourself and your thinking process is important. Everyone has their own distinct knowledge and skill set and you don’t want to get bogged down by others. Rather, taking the opportunity to learn and grow from peers is an invaluable skill that will stay with you for life.

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