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VicRoads (now part of Department of Transport) is responsible for planning and managing the road network in Victoria. VicRoads makes extensive use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to support efficient road network operations and safe, reliable and informed customer journeys across Melbourne and Victoria.

The Challenge

Victoria’s population and economy have been growing strongly and are continuing to grow. This places pressure on Victoria’s transport network and creates a need for improved road management to complement the investment in new infrastructure.

VicRoads’ real-time management of the road network is increasingly underpinned by technology. But this technology is siloed, with little or no integration, leaving traffic operators using multiple systems, with complex processes and manual workarounds, when ideally they require an integrated, holistic view of how the network is performing at any given time.

VicRoads came to Escient with a concept of a new fully integrated ITS Platform.

The approach

We were engaged by VicRoads to take the Concept of Operation for the ITS Platform and turn it into a defined solution. This meant defining requirements and solution architecture and developing cost estimates and a roadmap to bring the solution to life and reduce the complexity around the existing systems. Key activities involved:

  • Fully defining the solution in terms of business requirements and solution architecture
  • Undertaking a desktop market scan for potential solutions in the marketplace
  • Developing a cost model (capital and run costs) for the proposed platform solution
  • Working with a partner video production company, produce an ‘explainer video’ that served to introduce the ITS Platform concept to key investment decision makers across Victorian Government
  • Defining requirements for two specific use cases for the platform – Situational Awareness and Device Job Creation.

The outcome

The engagement successfully defined the future ITS Platform solution for VicRoads and ensured a common understanding and simplified vision of the future ITS landscape shared by all stakeholders. The explainer video helped to simplify the complex nature of the ITS applications and environment in the future, through graphical representation and simple visual examples.

At a glance

  • Over 60 internal and external stakeholders engaged
  • 1 ITS platform target architecture and solution design
  • 1 ITS platform business requirements
  • 1 ITS platform market scan report
  • 1 explainer video
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