Ava Reid

Ava Reid


Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance and Marketing

Tell us about yourself – passions, interests… 

A bit about me, I love spending time with my friends going out for dinner and drinks. In my free time you’ll find me at the beach (even in winter), I am also really into kickboxing at the moment and go most morning before work.

Why did you choose Escient? 

I chose Escient because I felt very aligned to their values, particularly I liked the idea of empathy being at the core of how we work. Moreover, everyone that I met at Escient loves their job and the work that they do, and that positivity is so encouraging and really made Escient stand out as a workplace.

What did you like about the Graduate recruitment process? 

I went through the graduate recruitment process for a couple of other consulting roles and Escient stood out by a long shot. We were constantly in communication and fully informed about what was required for every interview stage. Everyone was super friendly, and the P&C team made you feel valued the whole way through as opposed to just another number.

How has the graduate program supported your transition into consulting? 

The Escient graduate program has fully supported my transition into consulting, the team is very dedicated to ensuring that we feel confident and comfortable when we begin an engagement. So far, they have mentored us through a range of learning and case study examples, as well as detailed individual sessions on each of the consulting arms. And, every member of the organisation is happy to chat and answer any questions we have work or life related.

What are you looking forward to developing over the coming months/years? 

I am looking forward to developing the skillset and mindset that makes an “Escient” consultant.  Then in turn, being able to use these skills on the field. A big emphasis that the team has made about the grad program is that we are free to try out a range of disciplines (BA, PM and CM). So, I am looking forward to discovering my strengths.

What do you think makes a good Escient Graduate? 

I think a good Escient Graduate is a team player who is open to learning and working on a variety of projects. Someone that is people-focused and cares about the work we are doing.

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