Nathan Ilic

Nathan Ilic

Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance), Diploma in Languages (Chinese) and a Master of Business Administration (Emerging Leaders) in progress

Tell us about yourself – passions, interests…

My weekends usually consist of the following: eating, cooking, drinking coffee, and hiking.

Why did you choose Escient?

From my first meeting with the recruitment team, I felt respected, it wasn’t what I had experienced with other recruitment processes. So, when I was offered the job, it was an easy yes to the company that made me feel most valued.

What did you like about the Graduate recruitment process?

There was a great human element to the recruitment process. It didn’t entail the usual psychometric testing or capabilities assessments, instead we talked to real people and had the opportunity to show our best selves.

What industries/companies and projects you have worked on recently?

So far, I have had opportunities in the education sector providing business analysis work with Flinders University. I have also supported a PMO (Project Management Office) establishment for Baptist Care and completed a discovery piece for ReturnToWork SA.

There are many internal projects also happening across the business. This has given me great exposure to different consultants from other offices and a chance to contribute to the strategy and vision of the business.

What has been the biggest learning curve for you so far?

There is a whole world of consulting knowledge out there, it can seem intimidating at first, but with the help of my fellow Escientists I’m learning what business analysis means, how change management is different to project management and how I fit into them.

How has the graduate program supported your transition into consulting?

It’s given me the opportunity to be in a space where I can do real work whilst still learning the ropes.

How have Escient consultants enabled your learning on engagements?

I’ve been exposed to great mentors at Escient, each providing me with an array of value, whether that be career insights, a simple run-down post meeting or next step insights

What has been your biggest achievement so far in the Graduate Program?

At Escient, I was able to manifest my career aspirations. I knew I wanted to get into strategy consulting before I began at Escient. I’m 6 months in and working towards my goals by being a member of the internal strategy team.

What are you looking forward to developing over the coming months/years?

I’m given a lot of freedom to decide what skills I want to develop and where I want my career to go. In the coming months I will look to hone my pathway understanding the direction I should take that will lead me to meeting my career aspirations.

What’s the culture like in the Adelaide office?

There’s a running notion that you don’t go to the office to get work done – you go to socialise, which I think sums us up nicely. People are always ready to have a chat, discuss how your client is, what you did on the weekend, or how they can lend a hand.

What do you think makes a good Escient Graduate?

Looking at my cohort of graduates, we’ve all had to be courageous and throw ourselves at new challenges; empathetic and help each other out; selfless in putting each other’s schedules ahead of our own; and creative in producing solutions that we don’t always know the answers to.

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